"Spending savings card", is one of the new measures proposed by the government for families with incomes not exceeding 15 thousand euros. Included in the 2023 Budget Law, it will be provided by the Municipalities to help households engaged in coping with the cost of living.

Shopping savings card

The new card consists of a sort of “coupon book" that the municipal bodies will allocate to less well-off families for the purchase of basic necessities, primarily food products. For the operation of the card, the executive has already allocated a fund of 500 million euros.

shopping savings card - shopping cart

With the resources that the Meloni government wanted to allocate to the VAT cut on some basic necessities such as bread and milk, the spending savings card is being introduced for 2023. Taking into account the ISEE, those who have a valid indicator of less than 15 thousand euros can apply. The card will be topped up periodically by a certain amount, but the money can only be spent on some specific goods and cannot be withdrawn.

Aid to families, the "spending savings card" arrives in 2023 last edit: 2022-11-23T17:31:12+01:00 da Staff

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