Retiring at 56 is not impossible. In fact, there is a measure that allows you to go in board precisely at this age. But only to some taxpayers and only in certain circumstances. The pension application must always be presented to INPS, but starting from a particular procedure.

How to retire at 56

The measure that allows you to retire at age 56 it is called an early old-age pension with pensionable disability. In practice, a recognized disabled person can take advantage of this early retirement tool. It all starts from the so-called pensionable disability. This is not the civil disability that we can define as generic, but the specific one for the tasks that a worker carries out. The exit age for this measure is from 56 years for women and from 61 years for men. And 20 years of paid contributions are enough.

What disability do you need to get to retire early?

The disability certified by the competent medical commissions must be at least 80%. And the commission that deals with it is that ofINPS. In fact, it is the doctors of the Social Security Institute who have to certify the correct degree of specific disability of a taxpayer. We are talking about the reduction of working capacity specific to the type of work carried out by the person concerned. We always start from the introductory medical certificate from your family doctor. The latter draws up the electronic certificate and gives a copy to the taxpayer. With this copy the interested party must go to his/her patronage for submitting the application of pension.

At 56 years old, just ask INPS a question last edit: 2024-01-27T14:21:34+01:00 da Giacomo Mazzarella

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