World Biodiversity Day is celebrated on May 22nd.

Biodiversity is a human right because the rights to life, safety, health, food, culture and work depend on it. And biodiversity conservation is a common concern of humanity.

Antonio Guterres, Secretary General of the United Nations in 2021 said:

“A healthy planet is critical to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, yet biodiversity is declining at an alarming and unprecedented rate, and pressures are intensifying. We are depleting resources faster than nature can replenish them. COVID-19 has further reminded us of the intimate relationship between people and nature. (…) We must protect nature, restore ecosystems and establish balance in our relationship with the planet. (…) We must all be part of a movement for change. (…)”

Established by the United Nations in 2000, World Biodiversity Day aims to encourage actions that will lead to a sustainable future. And we want to take this opportunity to highlight the importance of nutrition education for our children.

Italy has the strictest regulations on the cultivation, production, sorting and storage of food products in the world, as well as the greatest diversity of cultivated agricultural species, well over 700.

Even in this the our country it creates culture.

And it is also in first place in organic and sustainable cultivation, that way of growing that preserves biodiversity and gives us health and well-being.

Here in "Children & Parents" the first and only Italian Ethics Community which supports free education, we are very committed to correctly informing parents on these issues. Because the health of their children depends on them.

But why is an organic diet important?

If children consume more cereals, legumes, vegetables, fruit, fish, raw olive oil, less red meat, butter and other fats of animal origin, their health is more guaranteed. And if these foods are of biological origin, all of this takes on greater relevance in terms of the quality of health and life of our children. Why organic food:
1) is alive, healthy, tasty, rich in active and vital ingredients;
2) reinforces metabolism and immune defenses because it grows on natural soil not contaminated by chemistry;
3) prevent the deposition of chemical toxins in the body and speeds up the disposal of those that may already be present;
4) accelerates healing and stimulates the regeneration of organs and tissues;
5) protects and has a restorative and anti-aging effect.

Italy is the country which possesses the highest heritage of biodiversity thanks to the great variety of climates and environments present in its territory.

As he stated some time ago Oscar Farinetti, the founder of Eataly, guru of Italian excellence: “Italy is the country with the greatest biodiversity in the world: in 0,2% of the world there are 7000 plant species, the second country is Brazil with 3.300. Any Italian region has more plant species than any state in Europe. Italy has 58.000 animal species, the second country in the world is China with 20.000, but let's not tell them otherwise they'll get angry."

The Italian intraspecific variability, which concerns the genetic differences between populations belonging to the same species, is a great asset as it allows us to have genetic characteristics suitable for the cultivation environment, resistant to environmental stress and diseases.

But it didn't end here. We still have many ideas to offer you to reflect together!

Whether you are looking for scientific insights, shared experiences or practical ideas, our Ethics community offers a variety of resources to meet your needs. First of all, the area of ​​“EXTRA contents” designed to simplify your education and raise them as best as possible.

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edited by Ilaria Zamboni
counselor expert in ethical communication and social relations, president of the non-profit “Children and Parents”
in collaboration with the other experts of the Ethics Association.

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