Mother's Day 2024. Today is the day dedicated to the most beautiful and important woman in Italy. In fact, songs and poems have been dedicated to her at all times. An anniversary that in various countries around the world is celebrated in honor of motherhood, according to the most diverse traditions. The date is that of second Sunday of May, in a climate of full rebirth of nature. But this is not common in various parts of the globe, where in fact the celebration can fall in the month of March or on the day of the spring equinox.

Mother's Day: the origins of the occasion almost one hundred years ago

Today, like yesterday, children dedicate drawings and school projects to her. In Serie A, on the occasion of this Sunday, players from different teams take to the field with the surnames of their mothers on the shirt. But when was Mother's Day born in Italy? A first form could be traced back to National Day of Mother and Child, obviously with the necessary reservations. It was the 24 December 1933 and in that period, in fact, the fascist regime rewarded the most prolific women in the country. An opportunity therefore, with different purposes compared to those of today, for a one-off celebration of the maternal figure.

Mother's Day in modern times

Songs, poems and different traditions for the most important woman in Italy. Mother's Day itself was born in the middle of the Years' 50. The promoter of an establishing law was the senator and mayor of Bordighera, Raoul Zaccari, with a process that began on 18th December 1958 and finished the following year. And not without debates in the halls of the Senate.

References to the religious sphere: the mother in her Christian value

From the religious point of view, the 12 May 1957 the parish priest of Tordibetto di Assisi, Don Otello Migliosi, had the idea of ​​celebrating the maternal figure in its religious value. Something that went beyond the Christian aspect and united many faiths. On the other hand, the mother is precious to everyone, regardless of cult.

From the 8th to the second Sunday of May

The older ones remember when in Italy Mother's Day fell on8st May. For over twenty years, however, the holiday has been confirmed on the second Sunday of the month. An anniversary that is still very much felt today among adults and children, and which in various parts of the world finds various forms of celebration, including tributes and gifts of all kinds.

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