In the fascinating Italian gastronomic world, the survey conducted by Bva Doxa for Just Eat has lifted the veil on one of the key elements of culinary culture: "comfort food". This concept, intrinsically rooted in Italian tradition, reveals not only food preferences but also a deep emotional connection between food and daily experiences.

Italian comfort food

The survey explored the nuances of tastes and emotions linked to food in Italy, highlighting that "comfort food" goes beyond simple satisfaction of the palate. The research highlighted how dishes considered comforting are often the ones that appeal family traditions, representing a sensorial journey through memories and emotional bonds. A peculiar aspect that emerged from the investigation is the profound connection between ordering food at home and positive emotions.

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More than 90% of Italians say they base the choice of their dish on positive emotions or memories. This shows how "comfort food" is not just a matter of taste, but a means to elevate the spirit and deal with everyday life with a note of joy. Market analysis revealed that 80% of Italians are interested in trying foods designed to improve mood, underlining the evolving relationship between food and psychological well-being. Furthermore, 70% of Italians have experimented with replicating recipes or dishes seen on social channels, highlighting the digital influence in creating new eating habits.

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This journey into the world of “comfort food” in Italy also revealed the importance of sustainability and the adoption of anti-waste practices. 65% of Italians say they are willing to pay more for one sustainable delivery, underlining the growing attention towards food choices that respect the environment. The survey underlined the strong interest of Italians in exploring intense and new flavors (22%), especially among young adults (25-34 years). This shows that, despite the openness towards culinary innovation, the connection with roots remains steadfast, confirming that “comfort food” is a culinary journey that embraces both the past and the present.

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This study revealed that pizza and focaccia they stand as authentic protagonists of Italian preferences in the "comfort food" panorama, representing 60% of choices. However, the sweetness of desserts (40%), the freshness of the ice creams (38%) and the irresistible temptation of chocolate (32%) complete the picture of delicacies sought to find comfort. The research highlights the importance of the provenance of raw materials and the use of local products (44%), as well as adherence to anti-waste initiatives (42%) as key criteria for defining a restaurant as sustainable. The Italian food experience is thus configured as a union between tradition and innovation, confirming the importance of satisfying not only the palate but also the emotions of consumers.

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