From the possible sale to a consortium to the risk of bankruptcy. All in a few days. After Canonico's withdrawal, there are hours of great anxiety and tension in Foggia, regarding the city's team.

The Mayor reiterated the commitment that will be made for the club, but the Sports Councilor intervened on the topic, explaining that the timing is not the best.

Foggia at risk of registration?

Here are his words reported by “This news arrived last night, Monday 6 May, and was learned through the newspapers. The thing that worries us most is the very tight deadlines. Registration for the championship closes on June 4th. Clearly there are all the practical requirements to be able to register. Our difficulty is precisely the timing. If it had been done a little earlier we could have thought about what could have been other entrances. I also give in to this dictact but I decide it needs to be clarified. We have called Canonico and we hope to have a serious discussion as soon as possible and not through the press." The new entrepreneurs will be known soon but first we need to talk to the company: “If we don't resolve it with the company it's impossible. First solve the problem with the club, clarify ourselves with Foggia Calcio 1920. After that we will begin discussions with any entrepreneurs who want to keep our championship alive and above all with Serie C and our fans who care about us our team."

Foggia football earthquake: registration at risk! last edit: 2024-05-07T19:25:16+02:00 da Staff

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