European elections 2024. Fratelli d'Italia confirms itself as the first party, with the Democratic Party in second place. Thud of the Five Star Movement. Forza Italia – Noi Moderati – EPP wins the centre-right “derby” with the League. With 61.473 sections scrutinized, out of 61.650, these are the results of the weekend of European elections, in some cities coinciding with the administrative elections. But it is a record number of abstentions. Voter turnout was in fact under 50%, compared to 56,09% last 2019. In practice, less than 1 in 2 Italians voted.

European elections 2024, here are the numbers with over 61 thousand and 400 sections scrutinized

Brothers of Italy, therefore, the first party in the country, which reaches almost 29%. Below, at 24%,08, the Democratic Party. The Five Star Movement at 9,9%, while Forza Italia at 9,6%. , above the League, stuck at 9,0%. Behind, there are Alleanza Verdi Sinistra, with 6,7%, United States of Europe at 3,7%, Action We are Europeans at 3,3%, Pace Terra Dignità at 2,2%, Libertà Cateno De Luca 1,2, 0,3%, Popular Alternative at XNUMX%.

European elections, turnout under 50%

When the polls closed for the European elections, the turnout was 49,69%. These are the definitive data published by the Ministry of the Interior. Therefore, statistically, less than 1 in 2 Italians went to vote. A drop, compared to the previous elections in 2019, of close to 7%.

European elections, estimate of seats for Italy

With 68% of the ballots counted and based on the percentages, out of 76 seats due to Italy, Giorgia Meloni's party could therefore obtain a number of parliamentarians in Brussels between 23 and 25. Between 20 and 22 seats, however, for the Democratic Party. Between 8 and 10 for the Five Star Movement, while between 7 and 9 for Forza Italia-Noi moderates. And again, the League between 6 and 8 parliamentarians, the Green Left Alliance between 5 and 7.

In Europe, Ursula holds the majority

Scenarios and balances are changing in Europe. The advance of the centre-right, between Italy and the other EU countries, has been impressive but the so-called Ursula majority holds. In fact, there were 403 seats among the People's Party, Democratic Socialists and Liberals. These are the data released by the European Parliament.

European elections 2024, FdI first party: but there is a record abstention last edit: 2024-06-10T12:48:00+02:00 da Gianmarco Cossu

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