Cisternino, in the Itria Valley, in Puglia, just under 400 meters above sea level, is the "swinging village". This is how it was named in 2021 due to the presence, along its streets, of numerous swings that brighten up the stay of many children.


Located in the province of Toast, Cisternino is considered one of the most beautiful villages in Italy. The town is also famous for its alleys and its white houses; for pork cooked outside butchers; for the large doilies that rotate in the wind.

Cisternino, swing

The “hunt” for swings, to the delight of the little ones

In Cisternino, the swings have been located along the historic center for three years. Of different sizes and colours, they are installed outside the shops, along the streets and in the most hidden corners of the village. In addition to them, you can admire some murals, open-air works of art dedicated to famous people. Among the most beautiful, those created to celebrate the Mexican painter Frida Kahlo, the great poet Dante Alighieri and the Calabrian singer-songwriter Rino Gaetano, who passed away prematurely.

Cisternino, Dante

The idea of ​​enriching the streets of the village with swings can be attributed to the municipality of Cisternino. The project was born after the emergency linked to the covid-19 pandemic, to give children moments of lightness and carefreeness. The swings are all to be discovered in treasure hunt mode, to make the tourist route that winds along the maze of streets even more surprising and fun.


Picturesque village

The historic center of Cisternino is enriched with alleys, small squares, houses leaning against each other, stately buildings, stairways, arches, stone masks, windows and balconies adorned with magnificent flowers of a thousand colours, which stand out amidst the brightness of the white that reigns everywhere.

Cisternino, square

Worth seeing is the Bridge of wishes, created by the artist and designer Bernardo Palazzo. It is not a real stone or concrete bridge, but an artistic-scenic project made of large doilies, 33 in all, "like large mantras, like prayers written with cotton and the hands of patient women".

Cisternino, clock

To visit: the mother church dedicated to San Nicola, the church of Santa Lucia, the Clock Tower, the church of San Cataldo and the Civic tower. The village is surrounded by breathtaking views, dotted with vineyards and olive groves, where there is no shortage of famous and characteristic trulli.

(Photo: Pro loco Cisternino in Valle d'Itria; Cisternino – Historic centre, Facebook pages; Cisternino to live – between past, present and future, Facebook Group)

Cisternino, in Puglia, is the village that swings last edit: 2024-01-26T06:26:00+01:00 da Antonietta Malito

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