Law 211 of 2000 established that May 27th in Italy is commemorated Memorial Day. 5 years later the United Nations Assembly also followed Italy in this initiative to remember the Shoah.

Why this date?

This date was not chosen randomly, but because on January 27, 1945, the 60th Soviet army reached the Auschwitz concentration camp and revealed to the whole world the horrors that were being committed there. Although the SS evacuated the building and destroyed much of the camp, the Soviets managed to save 7000 people who survived the barbarity of the Nazis.

In Memorial Day we remember the millions of victims, Jews, homosexuals, disabled people, political opponents, Jehovah's Witnesses and Roma.

Italian cities commemorate Remembrance Day

The Risiera entrance tunnel

Florence, Rome, Milan, Palermo and many other Italian cities organize events to commemorate the Memorial Day. Concerts, exhibitions, guided tours of themed museums or symbolic places of Nazi-fascist persecution.

Commemorate the Memorial Day has the aim of instilling in the new generations the condemnation of intolerance, hatred and aggression towards those who belong to different religions and ethnic groups. So that a similar disgrace can never happen again.

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